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My Santa Fe Garden in August


August Gardens

Summer is winding down but we still have a few more weeks.¬†This is the time to give your containers one last large pruning and deadheading as they will last until mid November, much past the first frost, if they don”t over grow themselves.

Maine Landscapes in August

Every summer I have the privilege of visiting my family in Maine in August. I am always amazed at how many plants are similar in the late summer, while the truly stunning ones are usually specific to a certain location.

Mid-August Pots

Santa Fe landscaping in mid August is the time of year when we are never sure what to cut back. Without cutting anything, many of the perennials and even annuals are likely to flop, or just to fade.

June Blooms

Many people ask me about plants that they see around town, particularly the blooming ones. As a gardener, I often find it hard to keep my eyes on the road because I am always

noticing on incredible plant or another.