Santa Fe Gardening Library

Wake the Garden!

Spring is here! Bulbs are starting to pop up in protected areas and even if it were to snow again there is warmth to the air that was missing a month ago.

Two of my fish are out from hibernation in my backyard pond, one of them a baby from last summer.

Treats of Summer

Vegetable growers are just now beginning to experience such delicacies as home grown peaches and tomatoes. There is nothing as sinfully delicious

as ripe fresh fruits such as those.

Succulent Madness

One type of plant that has much potential in drought prone climates such as our high desert in Santa Fe is succulents.

State of the Season

The low-lights of this summer are too painful to touch on too deeply, but too intense to ignore. Namely a drought so extreme and excruciating that it makes the

other major drought years of my past fifteen years in Santa Fe seem like lush summers in the east by comparison.

Spring Gardening in Santa Fe

Spring in Santa Fe is always somewhat tumultuous. One week it is warm and sunny and we start to see the daffodils. Everyone starts to get ready to plant their gardens. Then, every year, we are hit with a wave of cold weather which changes everything.

Shade Gardens in the Southwest

One problem that people often overlook in the southwest is the need for shade gardens. We all think of xeriscape perennial gardens as bright heat and sun loving desert plants such as

Indian Blanket Flower and Chamisa.

Scents of August

There are many ways to enjoy a garden. Your garden will delight all of your senses, but the two most obvious ones are sight and smell. While everyone has heard the expression “stop and smell the roses”, I find that

often we don’t because we don’t know what we are missing.

May Madness

I have just returned from a long day of placing annuals in pots and window boxes and tenderly planting them in the dirt. I literally had to soak my hands in the bath tub and

scrub them with a nail brush for half an hour but they are still not clean.

June Blooms

Many people ask me about plants that they see around town, particularly the blooming ones. As a gardener, I often find it hard to keep my eyes on the road because I am always

noticing on incredible plant or another.