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My Santa Fe Garden in August


Landscaping into the Winter

Many of the flower pots that we have the pleasure to plant and care for throughout the growing season lie sad and empty through the five longs months of winter here. Increasingly though, we have dressed up some of these pots with winter options.

October: What is Left?

It always seems like the gardening season was so short when we watch it slip away. We walk out and look at our pots, often displaying their richest colors of the years and feel that bitter sweet feeling knowing that the days are numbered.

After Labor Day

What do you say about summer gardens after Labor Day? Well in Santa Fe, many people consider this the best time of year. While many Santa Fe gardens are fading out, the air is crisp and the light is perfect.

Summer Hail Devastates Santa Fe Landscapes

Last week was particularly rough for many of us Santa Fe landscapers, particularly those of us who maintain gardens on the Eastside. Thursday’s hail knocked holes in large foliage, beat leaves off the trees, and stripped flowers off of many blooming annuals and perennials.