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Working with Nature

In the last article we talked about water harvesting and recycling. This is an over discussed but very important issue with much to be learned from. We are now at a turning point as to how we look at our water resources, both in building and in landscaping.

Water Harvesting

It takes several years for perennials and shrubs to get established and even more for trees, all of which will

make your outdoor living space much less hot, dry and dusty, so you might as well start now.

Succulent Madness

One type of plant that has much potential in drought prone climates such as our high desert in Santa Fe is succulents.

State of the Season

The low-lights of this summer are too painful to touch on too deeply, but too intense to ignore. Namely a drought so extreme and excruciating that it makes the

other major drought years of my past fifteen years in Santa Fe seem like lush summers in the east by comparison.