Garden & Event Center

Welcome to our Garden & Event Center! We have been lucky enough to move our offices and headquarters into a fabulous building and property that was built to be a garden center.

Garden Center

Here we house our office staff, working on everything from CAD landscaping plans to ordering and growing plants for our clients, as well as stocking boulders, soil and equipment needed for our projects. Part of the space is being used to stock high end ceramic containers to cater to clients looking for something different than what they might find anywhere else. All of our plants are grown and treated with the environment in mind and we are working hard to promote local, sustainably sourced garden products. All of our plant watering is done with harvested rain water from one of our two 10,000 gallon rainwater cisterns. It is a bring sunny positive space with views of the mountains and we invite clients to stop by and see us there. We are also planning to open to the public in 2020. As well as providing for your garden we are working on ways to bring our love of plants inside year round and have collection of exotic cacti, succulents, interior plants, living walls and elegant interior planters. In the spring though, it will be all about color, color, color, fun, joy, and of course, xeric.

Our beautiful front room is available for rent and has already housed a prom, an art show and other events. If you are looking for a large space with views and indoor and outdoor space with a lot of character and lively plants, drop us an email.

Stay tuned for products offered and plant available, asĀ  well as schedule, coming spring 2020.