Container Gardens

Pretty leaves
This pot is just beginning to take off!
This purple and green contrast looks amazing!
A fireplace with an abundance of flowers!
Petunias and dalias in containers
These plants are really taking off!
Grasses and petunias make a fabulous combination!
Hanging foliage
Gorgeous pots in Santa Fe
Potted plants on a patio!
Blooming flower boxes at Inn of the Governors, Santa Fe
Petunia love!
Catmint and petunias - a bee's favorite!
Beautiful plants make a balcony shine!
Balcony pots in Santa Fe, mix of annuals and perennials
Can you see the containers?
deep colors
A variety of colors and textures!
Pots hanging out on top of a wall!

Container Gardens in Santa Fe | Santa Fe is the perfect environment for container gardens. Containers can be a perfect compliment to any kind of Santa Fe landscaping. One of our specialties is container gardens, both window boxes and pots for commercial and residential clients. In the spring we plant flats of annuals, mixed with various other plants. Our favorites are rocket snapdragons, deeply colored petunias, alyssum, salvia and coleus. We can also create very nontraditional looks, depending on what the container and the back drop call for. Years of experience as Santa Fe landscapers have taught us how to arrange containers best so that they grow magnificently and look superior to other pots.