Terrace Gardens

Stone terraces with flowing plants
Terrace with art
Eastside Santa Fe Stone Terace
Overflow of color and stone
rock patio and bunco built into hill
Mountainside waterfall
Stone steps off a terrace for hiking
Stone terrace with water fall in child's garden
Remodel  of Santa Fe Preparatory School
simple yet elegant terrace, Las Campanas Santa Fe
steps and entrance to eastside guesthouse
Sunset viewing nook

Terrace Gardens in Santa Fe | Rock Walls & Terraces | Masonry is a work of art, Stonework transforms a yard into something with year round interest. While most of the rocks may be covered with hanging vines and blooming shrubs in the summer, there is something refreshing to expose the simplicity of the rockwork after fall clean up, a timeless display of fine craftsmanship.