Spring Gardening in Santa Fe

Spring in Santa Fe is always somewhat tumultuous. One week it is warm and sunny and we start to see the daffodils. Everyone starts to get ready to plant their gardens. Then, every year, we are hit with a wave of cold weather which changes everything. This year it has been cold, wet weather, which … Read more

Scents of August

IMG_59022-1024x768There are many ways to enjoy a garden. Your garden will delight all of your senses, but the two most obvious ones are sight and smell. While everyone has heard the expression “stop and smell the roses”, I find that

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May Madness

IMG_4203I have just returned from a long day of placing annuals in pots and window boxes and tenderly planting them in the dirt. I literally had to soak my hands in the bath tub and

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June Blooms

use191-1024x768Many people ask me about plants that they see around town, particularly the blooming ones. As a gardener, I often find it hard to keep my eyes on the road because I am always

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