Acapulco Coffee Table


Information from Acapulco Furniture:
Metal Frame – Made out of solid steel. In order to
resist demanding weather (snow, humidity) and avoid
rust, every piece is galvanized & powder-coated before
applying the texturized paint of your choice.
UV resistant PVC strings that resist even under the
toughest sun, heaviest snow, wettest rain. This top
quality material ensures that your furniture strings will
not flex, bend, nor deform. Contains no phthalates
Epoxy Paint – Epoxy paint is an excellent choice. Its
two liquid components – epoxy resin and hardener create a tough, solvent-resistant finish noted for its
durability and its use to seal steel.
Temperature Resistance: Your Acapulco Furniture
can stand anywhere from -18˚C (64 F) and all the way up
to +80˚C (176 F)

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Acapulco Coffee Table – Aqua, Acapulco Coffee Table – Fuchsia, Acapulco Coffee Table – Petrol Blue, Acapulco Coffee Table – Yellow, Acapulco Coffee Table – Cobalt Blue, Acapulco Coffee Table – Red