Tulip Bulbs


Tulip – 10 BULBS (per variety)

‘Juan’: Height – 16″ Bloom Time – Early

‘Mrs. John T. Scheepers’: Height – 16-20″ Bloom Time – Early

‘Red Riding Hood’: Height – 6-8″ Bloom Time – Early to Mid

‘Yellow Darwin’: Height – 16-20″ Bloom Time – Late

‘Pink Impression’: Height – 20-24″ Bloom Time – Mid

‘Queen of Night’: Height – 20-24″ Bloom Time – Late

‘Apricona’: Height – 16-18″ Bloom Time – Mid

‘White Dream’: Height – 16-18″ Bloom Time – Mid



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Bulbs are now in stock at the McCumber Garden Shop! Come in and get your hands on our diverse selection of bulbs. Plant them soon to have explosions of color and vibrancy next spring!


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Juan, Mrs. John T. Scheepers, Red Hiding Hood, Conqueror, Pink Impression, Queen of Night, Apricona, White Dream